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Custom Iron Work

Austin has always had an appreciation for historic architecture and steel design. Especially from the Art Deco era. Whether it's a completely brand-new design you have in mind or a remake of an existing design, trust that Hutchins Metalworks LLC will pour every ounce of skill obtained in the past 12 years into bringing your vision to life. 



If you're anything like us, you appreciate the amount of skill and craftmanship it takes to create a beautiful steel connection using only heat, steel and the force of a pounding hammer. The only way it was able to be fused together prior to year 1888. In the past couple years, Austin has acquired a forge and anvil and has really enjoyed getting the chance to keep this historic method of creating unique, one of a kind pieces alive. If you're looking for artistic custom work, don't be afraid to ask. 

Metal Shearing

Welding Repairs

With 7 years of metal fabrication and welding in the structural welding industry, mainly for the department of transportation in various states and countries...Austin became a "surgeon of steel". There's nothing that can't be done when it comes to repairing steel. Where there's a will and a passion, theres a way. It doesn't matter if its carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Austin has done it all. Multiple processes available for welding repairs including GMAW (wire feed), SMAW (stick welding), GTAW (ac&dc tig) and Plasma cutting. (currently not taking any mobile welding repair jobs. Only in shop repairs) 

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